What is an RSS Feed | Why You Should Use RSS Feeds

RSS feed should not be a new word for bloggers and people who receive information from the Internet. But RSS for a lot of people is like a jargon. Today we will talk about RSS Feed in this post why it is useful for all.

The icon which is used for RSS Feed. That would be of Orange color And most people are putting RSS Feed down on a blog or website’s sidebar or blog post. RSS feeds are also called as people feed or Web Feed.

What is an RSS feed

Basic information about RSS Feed

RSS Feed One way is Web Feed format. It is used on blogs and websites where regular content update is done, like social bookmarking sites. RSS is called syndication in simple words! RSS is a technique by which you can track every single update of your favorite website.

Usually we bookmark that website to book a website. But if you bookmark a website and bookmark it, then to know the updates of that website, we will always read that website by checking open. But if you subscribe to a website, then after subscribing, whenever a new content update on that website, its information will be sent to your email id directly.

If you are a blogger then you should also use RSS Feed in your blog so that your new updates will be immediately received by the subscriber to your feed.

Why You Should Use RSS Feeds

By using RSS Feed, you can save a lot of time. Once you subscribe to aRSS feed of a website, then you do not have to open the website again and again to see its update!

You can easily find its update by becoming a Feed Reader on any website. RSS Feeder is the most used for Google Reader. There are many more RSS feeds than Google Reader. But most people use Google Reader.

If you are a WordPress user, then you will get a default feed feature on WordPress. But this is not a great user-friendly! You can burn your feed with the help of Feedburner and use it as an email subscription! Which would be very helpful to you.

It is important for every blogger to give RSS updates to his blog. Use the sidebar and navigation bar to take the Feed icon to your blog.

The particular reason for using Really Simple Syndication is that with the help of this, the latest contents and headlines of many different websites are directly accessible to people (such as laptops, PCs and smartphones) of people who have subscribed to RSSfeed in their favourite website.

Once you subscribe, you can easily read the content of your chosen sites in your email.

RSS Provides Concise Information, Information Control, Different Kinds of Data, News Source Monitoring and Marketing.

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