Top Ten Video Editing Software for Windows

Top 10 Video Editing Software is very useful to edit Videos or Movies. This article introduces the best free video editing software for Windows. Get the best free video editors to edit your favorite videos now!

Best free video editing software: Windows Movie Maker, Virtual Dub, Wax, Avidemux, Pinnacle VideoSpin, Movie Storm, Blender, Apple I Movie and Avid Free DV

best free Video Editing Software

Top free video editing software

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is an easy movie maker. This video editing tool used to edit to create home movies. such editing movies is amusing for family. window movie maker is allowing you to edit for create simple slip movie. This video editor contains features like to add music, special effects and narration to your videos. First open the windows movie maker, then import video clip into window movie maker after draw the video clip into below timeline, Now you can edit video clip and you can add music and sounds also.

Virtual Dub

Virtual Dub is a free video editing software. It has an amazing look and features, such as filters, cropping, HSV Adjusting, Brightness/Contrast, Levels adjustment, splitting and the addition of audio tracks also. Virtual Dub is converting video file to JPEG Image.
First open VirtualDub and click the file to go the video tab, click compression for select video compression (XviD MPEG-4 Codec)and change the quality level click and save as (Street Kings.xvid)file name+.xvid. When compression finished, open your changed file and enjoy.


Wax is used to make an easy high performance and flexible video clip. It has the features of unlimited video and audio tracks with top-down composting.

Video editor software is used an integrating music file, making the video black-and-white, building in the subtitles or any kind of text, creating a nice slideshow, changing the speed of playback and many other ways of modifying the video. it is optimized for working with the majority of popular media formats such as AVI or MP4.

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You can make a simple video editing by cutting, filtering, and encoding tasks. First, the open button on the toolbar Selects the video file that you want to convert to MPEG. Locate the pull-down menu by “Format.” Click it to open it up and select MPEG as your file format. Select the “File” menu. Click on “Save” and then “Save Video” to save your video file as a MPEG.

Pinnacle VideoSpin

Pinnacle VideoSpin video editing software allows you to create title cards, sound effects and more. It is mainly due to the fact that it includes countless useful transitions. This program is a better choice for editing movies on a PC also.

Movie Storm

The Movie Storm is good choice to make a 3D movie. it has a nice interface to editing 3D movie. It is a free editing software used to making animation movies and even more


Blender video editing software – Blender is used for game creation. The 3D graphics video creation comes with variety of features such as animation, modeling, rendering and real-time interactive 3D application.

 Apple i Movie

Apple i Movie is a free video editing software for Mac platform it has many advantage interface. apple i movie software is the best video editing software to Mac user also. If you want, Just purchase the software package.

Avid Free DV

Similar to Zwei-Stein, Avid Free DV delivers a complex interface. but it’s extremely effective and delivers. Avid Free DV is available for both Windows and Mac OS. More professionals used Avid Free DV  than any other video editing solution.

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