Top 20 best free android apps download

Are you searching for the Top 20 best free android apps download? We have listed the top 20 best New Android Apps like Angry birds epic, Sky force 2014, Wikipedia beta and some other updates.

Google Play Store has grown to around 3.3 million. we have saved you some time by compiling this list of free and best Android apps. Top 20 best free android apps download to Get The Most Out Of Your Smartphone

# Angry Birds Epic
The world’s popular Angry birds come with Angry Birds Epic on the App Store and enjoy it on your Smart Phone.

Download Angry Birds Epic App

  Angry Birds Epic | Best free android apps downloadPrice    : Free
Rating :  4.7
Size      : 68MB

# Sky Force 2014
Sky Force is one of the Popular top-down shooting mobile game.

Download Sky Force 2014 App

  Best free android apps downloadPrice    : Free
Rating :  4.6
Size      : 75MB

# Parallels Access 2.0
You can browse the files and photos from your computer in Android Phone from anywhere by using Parallels Access 2.0.

Download Parallels Access 2.0 App

  Parallels Access 2.0 | Best free android apps downloadPrice    : Free
Rating :  4.0
Size      : 15MB

# CCleaner for Android
Finally, The Windows Cleaner & Optimizer Software “CCleaner” launched for Android OS. You can speed up the Android Phone and reclaim your disk space by using this App.

Download CCleaner for Android

  CCleaner for AndroidPrice    : Free
Rating :  4.4
Size      : 1.2M

# IDM Internet Download Magic
IDM Internet Download Magic is the Download Manager for Android Smartphones. It is help to makes the fastest downloading for your smart mobile.

Download IDM

  IDM Internet Download Magic | Best free android apps downloadPrice    : Free
Rating :  4.4
Size      : 222k

# Lumosity
Lumosity is the most popular brain training Android app (for iOS and Android) that Enhance Memory, Focus and Intelligence.

Lumosity App Download

  Best free android apps LumosityPrice    : Free
Rating :  4.7
Size      : 36M

Free android apps download

# 1Password
1Password is the beautiful and secure app. If you Forget your passwords, 1Password will remember for yo and logs you in with a single tap. It is the great way to stay secure.

1Password App Download

  1Password is Best free android appsPrice    : Free
Rating :  4.4
Size      : 3.2M

# FTBpro – The Soccer News App
FTBpro is one of the better sports app and It is an essential soccer app for every Soccer fan.

Download FTBpro – The Soccer News App

  FTBpro – The Soccer News AppPrice    : Free
Rating :  4.5
Size      : 9.2M

# Stubborn Trojan Killer
,Stubborn Trojan Killer provides the protection from Trojans steal your information, send auto SMS and damaging your device.

Download Stubborn Trojan Killer

  Stubborn Trojan KillerPrice    : Free
Rating :  4.7
Size      : 872k

# Skoobe
Skoobe is the digital library android app for Read any e-books anywhere.

Download Skoobe App

  SkoobePrice    : Free
Rating :  4.4
Size      : 11M

# Summoners War: Sky Arena
Enter into the epic battle of Role-playing game, beat monsters and collect the Crown. Enjoy the Endless Fun!

Download Sky Arena

  google play store techinspirationPrice    : Free
Rating :  4.5
Size      : 6.8M

# Orange is the New App
An “Orange is the New” app introduced by Netflix. Which is essentially the photo sharing app.

Orange is the New App Download

  Orange is the New AppPrice    : Free
Rating :  4.1
Size      : 17M

# Break Bricks
“Break bricks” Android Apps on Google Play is the familiar Arcade game with complex levels.

Download Break Bricks App from Google Play

  Break BricksPrice    : Free
Rating :  4.0
Size      : 6.4M

Best android app

# Private Chef – Look & Cook
Look & Cook with Private Chef android app, and be the Master in Cooking.

Download Private Chef App from Google Play

  google play store techinspirationPrice    : Free
Rating :  3.9
Size      : 11M

# Red Bull Wallpapers
Red Bull Wallpapers Customize your Android Phone Home screen & lock screen with astounding Wallpapers.

Download Red Bull Wallpapers

  Red Bull WallpapersPrice    : Free
Rating :  4.3
Size      : 9.6M

# Rival Knights
Play the Rival Knights. If you want to be a middle age Warrior.

Rival Knights App on Google Play

  Rival KnightsPrice    : Free
Rating :  4.7
Size      : 68MB

# EndlessTV: Videos, TV and News
This android application let you to watch live streaming of your favorite TV shows, TV Channels, celebrity gossips, news, sports, history, music and more.

Download EndlessTV App

  google play store techinspirationPrice    : Free
Rating :  4.1
Size      : 7.9M

# Fruit Splash Mania
Candy blast mania makes the new Addictive Puzzle game Fruit Splash mania.

Download Fruit Splash Mania

    google play store techinspirationPrice    : Free
Rating :  4.2
Size      : 39.5M

# SimplyText SMS Text Messaging
SimplyText is the Text Messaging app to replace the Stock text messaging app.

Download SimplyText SMS Text Messaging

  SimplyText SMS Text MessagingPrice    : Free
Rating :  3.8
Size      : 6.8M

# Wikipedia beta
Wikipedia beta for Android updated with major design tweak.

Download Wikipedia beta

  Wikipedia betaPrice    : Free
Rating :  4.3
Size      : 1.8M

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