Top 10 web browsers

Top 10 web browsers – Browse fast internet with good safety when you download & Install the best web browser on your device. Choose the good and secure web browser from this list of web browsers to browse fast internet with malware and spyware alerting features.

Top 10 web browsers

Internet User – Who loves to browse fast on the internet, which one you like. Which one trusted and fast browser -There are more than 500 web browsers are available on the Internet.

Take a short review of Top 10 web browsers and then download one of your favorite web browsers.

Top 10 web browsers

1. Google Chrome

Download Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers that have built to make the web faster, safer, and easier. Google Chrome containing multi-features itself

    • Pin tap,
    • Paste and Go / Paste and Search,
    • Drag and Drop Downloads,
    • Resources Page,
    • Task Manager,
    • Quick Calculation Results from Address Bar,
    • Drag and Resize Text Box on a Webpage,
    • Site search from the Address bar,
    • About: memory,
    • Application Shortcuts,
    • Sync Bookmarks,
    • Auto Fills,
    • Extensions To Google Account,
    • Get iPod Interface,
    • Select Reopen All Tabs,
    • Organize Thumbnails Using Full Screen Key and also Copy Paste Only Text.

Still, Google chrome is the most downloaded internet browser.

Tips: Lock chrome browser

2.  Mozilla Firefox

Free and open source Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers in the world. It is available for more than 70 languages. Quiet stable, full-featured Mozilla Firefox includes pop-up blocking, Multi-Tab Browsing, Google search, privacy controls and a number of additional features that shows you more of the page than any other browser.

3. Internet Explorer

Try out the most widely used IE web browser to browse the internet incredibly fast. IE comes with light and fast.  New Features in Internet Explorer: Tracking Protection,  Pinned Site Control for Site Owners,  HTML5 Location,  Tabs on their own row,  Repeat One Box Searches and Less-intrusive notifications

Most popular browser

4.  Opera

Safe Opera comes with customization options. Free & Fast Opera browser is one of the oldest browsers with 270 million users. Opera was launched in 1994 and now its most lovable web browser in the world. “Opera Mini” is very famous for all kinds of a mobile OS.

5. Safari

Safari web browser developed by Apple Inc. one of the most popular web browsers in the world that available only Mac and iOs users.

6. Maxthon

The Maxthon comes with unique to change your browsing experience that features like tabbed browsing, bookmarking capabilities and useful plug-in that allows users to customize look, theme, and skin easily. It is one of the fastest growing web browsers on the internet.

7. Rockmelt

Rockmelt is a social internet browser developed by Tim Howes and Eric Vishria. It is one of the fastest growing download web browsers.  Free Rockmelt focuses on Google search with social media mainly Facebook and Twitter.

8. Seamonkey

In 2006 –Free and open source internet suite Seamonkey browser launched Seamonkey council that browser contains great features such as web browsing, email sending, chatting, etc.

9. Deepnet Explorer

Deepnet Explorer has great features although you found some negative reviews about security features of this browser on the internet.  This fair browser support Microsoft Windows OS.

10. Avant Browser

The multi-processing Avant Browser comes with Auto Fills, Online Bookmarks, and AD Blockers. It is a user-friendly interface browser that allows users to browse fast internet with security.

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