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Despite some gimmicky features, the top 10 Smartphones is a well-designed, high-performance Smartphone.

top 10 smartphones Review

PROS – Beautiful 4.7-inch 720p display, Long-lasting battery and Speedy LTE data
CONS – Not the best low-light camera performance & On the heavy side

Apple iPhone 5
PROS – Slim, light case, Taller, roomier display, Improved performance and Higher-resolution front-facing camera
CONS – Lightning connector incompatible with older peripherals & Features limited by some carriers

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Samsung Galaxy S III
PROS – Solid camera, Eye-catching design, Beautiful, large display and Speedy performance
CONS – S Voice doesn’t always work & Gestures can be frustrating to use

Samsung Galaxy Note II (T-Mobile)
PROS – Great battery life, Ships with Android 4.1 and Stylus works well for taking notes or drawing
CONS – Can be difficult to hold, Camera isn’t anything special & Bloatware can’t be uninstalled

PROS – 1080p display, Fast quad-core processor and Above-average camera
CONS – No expandable storage, Tons of carrier bloatware & Short battery life

Nokia Lumia 920
PROS – Gorgeous Screen, 4G capabilities, Build quality, Great camera and Nokia software enhancements.
CONS – Expensive, Big and heavy, Some softness in photos, Poor app selection & Battery average life.

Google Nexus 4 (16GB)
PROS – Crisp display, Powerful quad-core processorand Ships running the latest version of Android
CONS – No expandable storage, Poor battery life & Glass back is worrisome

PROS – Thin, premium design, Excellent for gaming and multimedia and High-end camera with lots of shooting modes
CONS – Mediocre call quality & No microSD slot

PROS – Large screen is great for movies and games and Very well designed.
CONS – Non-expandable storage, Audio pickup in videos is abysmal & Poor call quality.

Apple iPhone 4S 16GB
PROS – Beautiful display still better than competition, Superb camera
Faster and smoother performance
CONS – Siri not always accurate & You can only upload video in 1080p

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