Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android

Top 5 Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android – Refreshing way to wake up. Best alarm clock apps that Help You Wake Up in the Morning!

The most popular alarm clock apps on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Start your day better with the best alarm clock apps

Best Alarm Clock Apps


Best Alarm Clock Apps

Rise Alarm Clock designed for iPhone. Rise Alarm Clock – Which alarm app has an impressive setting to set/adjust alarm wake up time and alarm volume.
Easy to set an alarm by drag to pick a wake up time. Just swipe/pulling the screen to turn your phone alarm ON/OFF.
You can adjust settings to Repeat your alarm daily or change the alarm sound.

Sleep If U Can alarm app

The newest Sleep If U Can alarm app – No snooze button/password to enter. Instead, you’ll have to get up and take the exact same picture as you previously set as your wake up the shot in order to turn the alarm off.

Sleep Cycle alarm clock

An intelligent alarm clock SLEEP CYCLE app comes with impressive features to help you get out of bed an on your way.

Alarm Clock Xtreme is an android alarm clock app.  This app has multi-different features to get up.
Display the current alarm setting with a home screen widget.
Supports multi-different times of day (12 or 24-hour formats)
You Can be configured to sound an alarm that gradual increases in volume or vibration intensity with different songs or playlists/play a random song. Alarm Clock Xtreme app allows you to auto-dismiss – auto-snooze alarms – customize the color – background of the alarm display.

Wave Alarm is the most feature-rich and useful alarm clock available for Android, thanks to its display customization features, unique alarm settings, and more.
You can turn it off with a simple wave over the screen.

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