How to Reset Windows 10 PC to Factory Settings

The main reason for reset windows 10 PC is that if you use the laptop continuously, then it gets a virus and your laptop starts hanging, so you should keep resetting your laptop from time to time.

If your system does not have much RAM and ROM or you store more files, then your laptop starts running slowly, so you can increase the speed of the laptop by resetting the laptop.

Note: Make sure to back up your files before the big reset

Reset Windows 10 PC

Step 1: Tap On SettingReset Windows 10 PC

To reset the laptop, first click on the “Start Icon” of your laptop, then you will see the option of “Setting” in it

Step 2: Update And Security

Reset Windows 10 PCAfter selecting the “Setting” option, you’ll see the option of “Update And Security” click on it.

Step 3: Click On Recovery

Reset Windows 10 PC

After selecting “Update And Security” option, you will see many more options, such as – Backup, Recovery, Activation etc. From there, select the option of “Recovery”.

Step 4: Reset This PC

Reset Windows 10 PC

Reset This PC

As soon as you select the option with “Recovery”, you see an option of “Reset This PC”, in which you have to pick on the option “Get Started” to reset the PC.

Step 5: Select 2 Options

Reset Windows 10 PCAfter clicking “Get Started”, a new box will open in front of you, now click on this box, in which you will see 2 different options:

Keep My Files
Remove Everything

If you just want to reset the software and settings, you can click on “Keep My Files”, but if you want to delete your data too, then click on “Remove Everything”.

Step 6: Select One Option

Reset Windows 10 PC
After clicking the above options, a box is opened again in front of you, in which two options appear to clean the drives as well.

Just Remove My Files
Remove Files And Clean The Drive

If you just want to delete files, click on “Just Remove My Files” and if you want to clean the entire drive, then click on “Remove Files and Clean The Drive”.

Step 7: Click On Next Button

Reset Windows 10 PCNow you will see the option of “Next” on your PC, click on it.

Step 8: Click On Reset Option

Reset Windows 10After clicking on “Next”, you’ll see the option of “Reset”. By clicking on it, you can restore the laptop or Computer, after resetting the laptop or computer will be restarted by “Restart”.

Computer Reset Shortcut Key
Alt + F4. and Ctrl + Alt + Delete

A computer and laptop is an electronic device. It is very important to periodically clean and updates any item for its long life. Resetting the computer is also similar to cleaning which deletes undesirable data and cache from the computer.

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