How to Recover deleted files on android via Recuv/PhotoRec

Recover deleted files

Certainly, An accident is an unavoidable” and it is not only happening in life! It can happen to any work at any time. Like to say files deleted from your Windows computer, Recycle Bin, digital camera card, or MP3 player. You can recover your deleted files by RECUVA software.

Undelete files on your computer
Recovery from damaged or formatted disks
Recover deleted emails
Recover deleted iPod music
Restore unsaved Word documents and  even more

Instructions to Recover deleted files

1.Step: First of all,Download and install freeware “Recuva ”
2.Step: Open Recuva software and tap “Next”
3.Step: You can see file type like Pictures, Music, Documents, Video, Email and other. It’s letting you to select which files are you want to recover. Select and Tap “Next”
4.Step: “File Location” This step shows where were the files you want to search. Select and Tap “Next”
5.Step: Finally, Tap the start button to recover your file

How to Recover deleted files on android via Recuv/PhotoRec


The PhotoRec is file data recovery software and it’s lets you to recover your video, documents pictures and even more.

Instructions to Recover deleted files

1.Step: First of all, Download and install freeware “PhotoRec”
2.Step: Insert your problem memory card into your card reader and the fix in computer
3.Step: Open the Test Disk Folder and find and then open the “PhotoRec” program.
4.Step: Use your keyboard’s Up/Down arrow keys to highlight your memory care and then tap Enter to select it.
5.Step: Your camera memory card is non-partitioned media. Highlight and select “None”(Remember “UP/DOWN arrow to highlight, “Enter to select.
6.Step: Highlight and select “Unknown” partition. This scans the entire card, with best recovery performance also.
7.Step: Your card’s file system is either FAT or NTFS. Just highlight and select “Other” and then saving your files. Just press “Y” on your keyboard. Pressing “Y” automatically creates a new save subfolder in your TestDisk folder and then scan will also start immediately after the press.

It takes a few minutes to recover your files. While the scan, the program provides status on the number and type of files that it has recovered.
8.Step: Tap Close button while the program says ” Recovery Completed” once the scan is completed. You can see your recovering files on newly created recovering folder also.

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