How to lock Google Chrome protect browsing data

How to lock Google Chrome to protect your browsing data

Google Chrome browser launched in 2008 and it is a popular browser in a short period of time. Presently almost internet users use it as a default browser. Some cool features has the Google Chrome is improving its features with every update by Google. Chrome browser is now becoming a favorite browser too. Our using browser keeps the every record of our internet uses like the web pages we searched on the internet or even if we saved any password of any website. Hence we need to protect our browser in order to protect our data and privacy.

 First Day:-

Dad: Sitting at a computer for long periods of time.

Son: What you do Dad?

Dad: Nothing, I do my office Work

Son: Oh!

Dad: Did you Finish Your Home Work

Son: Yes, I Will

Second Day:-

Dad: I want to meet my friend today at 5.30 pm

Son: Dad, now time is 5.35 pm

Dad: Oh, No!

Son: Go and Open the Laptop.

Dad: Return to Home (Few minutes later)

Son: Did not see Dad came

Dad: Oh, No!

Son: Oh, God!

Dad: What did you see!

Son: Nothing, I have seen what you saw yesterday.

Dad: What?

Son: hehehehe!

Dad: Yes! I should lock Google chrome to protect my browsing data.

Son: Oh, Sit!

How to lock Google chrome with Password by Simple Startup Password?

The below are the steps to lock your Chrome browser with password.

“Set password for your browser ( chrome lock ) is a light extension and also very easy to use. It locks your Google chrome browser and ask for your password when you Open it.

Here you can see below configure setup for “Set password for your browser”.

  •  Visit this link and click add to chrome Simple Startup Password to your browser.
  • After installing go to tools and select Extensions.
  • Here. you will see all of your installed extensions include Simple Startup Password.
  • Find Simple Startup Password extension and Click on Options of Simple Startup Password.
  • Now a new page will appear, Now enter your password and press the Save button.

Now you are done. Whenever you will launch your Google Chrome browser, it will show pop-up box & ask you the password to open up.


“One time you have installed Set password for your browser extension. The Simple Startup Password will make sure that no one looks into your browsing data or history” – I hope you enjoyed.

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