How to Watch YouTube Video Faster and Without Buffering

Watch YouTube Video Faster: YouTube is one of the most popular Video sharing websites to Watching videos through YouTube. YouTube is really fun but sometimes it takes too long to buffer your favorite video.

How to Make YouTube Videos Faster and Without Buffering – Here, you can fix youtube slow loading by this how to guide to speed up youtube videos
Now, You can watch YouTube videos continuously without waiting on your slow internet connection with this tutorial.

watch youtube video faster

Buffer the Entire YouTube Videos:

First, you will need to download and install the YouTube Center extension on any one of your favorite web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Maxthon.

After installed, you will receive a Welcome message for YouTube Center then Select Go to Settings.

Select the Player tab, look for the Dash Playback option then uncheck the box for Dash playback. Close the YouTube Center settings.

“If you want to access the YouTube Center settings again, simply click the gear button in the upper-right corner on YouTube”

Watch youtube video faster

YouTube Center allows you to watch YouTube video faster and customize your YouTube Videos as you can Download, Repeat, Resize, Turn Light on/off and more.

Ex: Go YouTube center setting and choose Player Option then Pick Auto Resolution as Low Definition (240p) then Close it.

Launch any YouTube to test, Stop Playing few seconds and choose to Resize option to select Fit to Content then Turn Light ON. Now play that Video. Enjoy Watching YouTube Video Without Buffering!

For Google Chrome Browser Visit: #Youtube Center after download

Go to Google Chrome setting then click Tools, Extensions to open the Extensions tab
Now, Drag the downloaded.CRX file to that Extensions tab

(Open start menu & search CRX file for Drag to Extension tab) then Click the Add button to Confirm New Extension.

For other Browsers Visit:  YouTube Center

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