How to use computer shortcut keys for speed up browsing

Every Computer User Should Know keyboard shortcuts for Increasing your browsing speed. Learn how To use these shortcuts for better performance. Common computer shortcut keys for Windows allow you to use your PC without mouse.

computer shortcut keys

Computer shortcut keys list

Here I listed most useful windows shortcut keys list to use.

How do I select or highlight everything on the page?

CTRL+A (Select All)

How to copy selected item?

CTRL+C (Copy)

How to save a URL address for future reference?

CTRL+D (Bookmark this Page)

How do I find a word in a document or web page?

CTRL+F (Find)

How to open my browsing History Tab?

CTRL+H (History tab)

How to view downloads or Open the downloads Tab?

Ctrl+J (Downloads tab)

How to select or How do I go to the address bar with keyboard?

Ctrl+L (Address bar/location bar)

How to open a new window without mouse?

CTRL+N (New Window)

How to print?


How do I make refreshes the current page?

Ctrl+R (Refresh)

How to save the document?

CTRL+S (Save)

How to open a new tab in windows using keyboard?

Ctrl+T (new tab)

How to paste copied text?

CTRL+V (Paste)

How to close the current window?

CTRL+W (Close window)

How to recover deleted text and how to delete the text again?

CTRL+Z (Undo)
CTRL+Y (Redo)

How to open the active window shortcut menu?

Alt+Space bar

How to Switch between the open items?


How to close an entire window with multiple tabs?


How do I restore closed tabs in Chrome?


How to Move forward and backward through the tabs?

CTRL+Tab (Move forward)
CTRL+Shift+Tab (Move backward)

How to Go back a Page?
Alt + Left Arrow

How to Go Forward a Page?
Alt + Right Arrow

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Keyboard shortcut

How to reopen all closed tabs?

Use History option or Always start up where you left off that will help you recover Last Browsing Session in Top web browser

Chrome – Settings -> On startup -> Select Continue where I left off
Mozilla Firefox – Tool -> Options -> General -> When Firefox starts:Show my windows and tabs from last time
Internet Explorer – Tools -> Reopen Last Browsing Session

How to stop page from loading?

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