how to take a screenshot in windows 8

how to take a screenshot in windows 8

Quick Tip: Take fast screenshots with Windows 8 shortcut  to take a screenshot in windows 8

Windows 8 has quite a lot of awesome features including the start screen and the new Windows store. Furthermore, with the release of Windows 8, we are seeing too many new tablets running Windows. Usually When you need to capture screenshots on Windows, you press the Print Screen key and paste the image in any photo editing apps. But with Windows 8, you can capture screenshots using the Windows button (Win) and Print Screen. The screenshots are saved in a Screenshots folder nested in your Pictures folder.
Now, this operation is an useful if you have a keyboard connected. So how do you take Screen Capture in tablets running Win 8/RT device?

how to take a screenshot in windows 8

The operation is very similar to Windows Phone.
Press and hold Windows key and Volume down buttons at the same time.
Now you will see your screen gets dim for a moment and the screenshot is taken.
The screenshot is automatically saved under Screenshots folder in the Photos app.You can access the screenshot by opening Photos App.

Use the file explorer to view the screenshots saved in Photos folder.

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