How to send photos in Facebook chat

Today I am going to show you How to send photos in Facebook chat through message. Facebook allows you; send a message to friends and relatives through Facebook chat.Chat in the bottom-right corner of any page on Facebook.

Facebook Chat is an extremely popular.

How to send photos in Facebook chat

Now one of the most popular social networking platform Facebook has added the new feature to send the photos from the Facebook chat. Facebook chat users can now send images through Facebook chat.

First of all to use this feature for send image instantly. Most importantly follow the below process to send photos in Facebook chat :

First visit chat box -> clicking on the camera icon -> Upload images from your computer and press OK -> That’s it, Now the uploaded photo appears in the chat window. Click on the photo to see an original resolution.

Send Photos in Facebook Chat feature is probably rolling out to all users and you might see this in your account as well.

Note:You can tap & hold onto the picture and it will bring up options either to delete/react. Tap Delete picture will only delete it from your side, though. There’s no way to stop the other person from seeing it.

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