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how to screen record on android no root

Well Brothers and Sisters, let’s talk about screen recording: how to screen record on android no root

To make record something on the screen of your best Android device you won’t need to root it – all you need is a best screen recording android app. There is one specific app in particular that I want to show you today. Since I do not usually do lots of screen recordings on my best android phone, my preference in this case is a simple free application. This app it really works well and that does exactly what it is supposed to and that’s a screen recording.

AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder – No Root is my “go to app”. The quality is superb! and the end result is all that matters.  A various types of settings will make sure that You’ll get the screen recording you want:

  • Ways to stop the recording: screen off, timer & notification bar
  • Screen resolution
  • Bit-rate: from 2 to 15 Mbps
  • Screen orientation
  • Audio recording
  • Show or hide touches

 The above mentioned settings are all free.

how to screen record on android no root like Roman reigns says i can i will – Here, I say you can you will

Yes, you will get exciting access to the following features with AZ Screen Recorder premium version of the app for just 1,99$

You can Watermark with your logo, Record screen & video from your front-facing camera at the same time (video will appear in a small window), Countdown before start, Draw on screen, Trim your screen recordings, Convert to GIF and the Magic button that will pause/resume or stop your screen recording without showing up on your screen).

Although, Lollipop Screen Recorder is being ranking #1 in the Google Play search – AZ Screen Recorder is the best screencasting application. results for the term “screen recording”,


To record your Android screen, follow these steps:

  • Download  AZ Screen Recorder app
  • Adjust the app settings to match your needs (high/low quality) and etc.,
  • Press record and stop when you’re done
  • The recording will be saved into your gallery

if would you like to transfer your recording, I suggest using Dropbox app for large files OR Pushbullet app for smaller ones.


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