how to screen record on android no root

Well Brothers and Sisters, let’s talk about screen recorder no root

To shoot record something on the screen of your best Android you won’t need to root it – all you require is the best screen recording android app. There is one specific app in particular that I would like to show you today. Since I do not usually do lots of screen recordings on my best android phone, my preference, in this case, is a simple free application. This app really works well and that does exactly what it is supposed to and that’s a screen recording.
Screen recorder no root

Screen recorder no root

AZ Screen Recorder – No Root is my “go to app”. The quality is superb! and the end result is all that matters.  Various types of settings will make sure that You’ll get the screen recording you want:

  • Ways to stop the recording: screen off, timer & notification bar
  • Screen resolution
  • Bit-rate: from Two to Fifteen Mbps
  • Screen orientation
  • Audio recording
  • Show or hide touches

The above mention settings are all free.

Best screen recorder on android like Roman Reigns “I Can I Will” – I say “you can you will”

Yes, you will get exciting access to the following features with AZ Screen Recorder premium version of the app for just 1,99$

You can Watermark with your logo, Record screen & video from your front-facing camera simultaneously on Android (video will appear in pretty small window), Countdown action before start, Draw on screen, Trim your android screen recordings, Convert to GIF and the Magic button that will pause and resume or stop your android screen recording without showing up on your screen).

Best Android apps

AZ Screen Recorder is the best screen recorder for android. results for the term “screen recording”  Although Lollipop Screen Recorder is being ranking #1 in the Google Play search!


az screen recorder no root to record your Android screen, follow these steps:

  • Download  AZ Screen Recorder app
  • Adjust the app settings to match your needs (high/low quality) and etc.,
  • Press record and stop when you’re done
  • The recording will be saved into your gallery

if would you like to transfer your recording, I suggest using the Dropbox app for large files OR Pushbullet app for smaller ones.

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