how to scan a document with my iphone

How to scan on iPhone without downloading scanner app. You can scan and send a document to someone quickly. Yes, with this notes app, you can scan any document from your mobile and send it from one place to another. If you lose your original document, you can easily use the scanned document.

If you want to scan the document or QR code on your iPhone then, you have to download the scanner app on your device. But, You don’t need a separate scanner app for scanning and signing documents anymore. Default iPhone Notes app can scan and convert scanned documents to PDF files.

How to scan on iPhone

how to scan on iphone

  1. Go to the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad.                                                      Just swipe right on your home screen and search Notes
  2. Open or Create a New Note.
  3. Tap the plus (+) symbol
  4. Click Scan Document from the menu options.
  5. Position the document you want to scan in the camera’s view.
  6. Place a yellow box around it correctly and tap the Capture button.
  7. If needed, Drag near corners to adjust.
  8. Select Keep scan.
  9. Click Save in the bottom right corner or Place next document for the next scan and click the capture button to continue.
  10. Finally, Tap the Share button to send a scanned document.

Note: If you want to scan automatically, change Manual to Auto in the top right corner.

How to edit a scanned document on iPhone

Tap on three circle Venn diagram option in the above scanned document.
Change the colour setting that will help remove shadows and other artifacts.
Rotate the image to change document orientation, If you scanned a document in the wrong orientation.
Crop the scanned document using crop option, If you need.
Delete scanned document by tap the Trash button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
You can also press the + in the bottom left corner to add another image to the scanned document
Tap the Markup button to mark up a scanned document on iPhone
With the markup tools, you can add a shape, text box or signature.

How to convert a scanned document into a PDF

With the scanned document open, tap the Share button in the top right corner (it’s a symbol of a box with an upward pointing arrow).
This will give you the choice to select which app you’re going to send the document to or share it via.
Furthermore, option for save, print it, turn it into a PDF, add Markup, and more.
Tap the Create PDF button to convert a scanned document into a PDF.
Tap the Share button in the bottom left side corner.
Select an app to share the PDF.
Complete the process of sending or sharing the document.
You can save it to the Cloud, an iPhone-based storage drive.

How to access the web address linked to the QR Code via your iPhone. Here’s what you need to do:

How to scan QR code with iPhone camera

  1. Go to your Phone setting and click Camera setting to make sure “scan QR code” mode is turned on.
  2. Open your camera and Point your camera at the QR code image is visible. The iPhone will scan the barcode and put a yellow box around it.
  3. Once Your phone scanned the QR code automatically, a notification bubble will appear at the top of the screen. (Make sure you have mobile signal or you are connected to Wi-Fi.)
  4. Click this notification to be taken to the website associated with the QR Code.

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Use bright, direct lighting on your document to improve the overall quality of your mobile scan. Shadow and indirect light can make parts of the document unreadable after scanning.

Try some of other most popular scanner apps include Adobe scan, CamScanner, Scanbot, Tiny Scanner for Android and iOS, Scanner Pro for iOS. You can use any of these apps or You can search the play store to find even more options.

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