How to record Skype calls on your ipad

Skype is the most best app for making voice and video calls, is now for the iPad.  App can be used on both Wi-Fi and 3G networks and you can also send text messages and place calls to landline and mobile numbers from the iPad. (how to record skype calls on your ipad)

The Skype app is Suitable with the original iPad and the newer iPad 2 even you would need the latter model for making video calls.

Face Time app could cover many of your video chatting is the big advantage even with friends who are outside the i Mac/iPhone and iPad.

While, there are numerous of software tools around for recording Skype calls on a desktop even though a little bit different making this on iPad or iPhone.

How to record Skype calls

First start an audio recording app > switch to Skype so the recording happens in the background.

Quick Voice – Skype User Who want to record audio of unlimited duration.  The only limitation is that you cannot run Quick Voice as a background app and you can’t transfer audio file size exceeds 5 MB.

Voice Recorder or Audio Memos inexpensive voice recording apps for the iPad that have no limits and support background recording.

If you would like take notes while recording Skype call on an iPad. The recommended apps are Evernote, Audio NotesSound Note and Notes Plus.

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