How to record screencasts on your ipad or iphone

How to record screencasts on your ipad or iphone. – Record screencasts on your ipad or iphone  by below three applications.

Record Screencasts

Record Screencasts – Airplay Reflection is a simple app to use.

Enable Airplay mirror your iPhone 4S, IPad 2 > Double click Home button and swipe your recently used apps A couple of times from Left to right to bring up your Airplay icon.

Tap on the icon > Switch on Mirroring to enable and also Go Setting > Turn on Airplay for seeing both audio & Video transmitted to The computer.

How to record screencasts on your ipad or iphone.
There you go! Easy made recording with this app is too easy.

Screen Capture -Jail broken
jail-broken your iPad/iPhone, you can use this as a Display recorder to capture your phone’s screen and only through Cydia

The app can also upload your recorded screen cast to YouTube directly.

Record Screencast – Whiteboard Apps
you want to make simple whiteboard style screen casts

where you’re audio and all your activity on a whiteboard is recorded as a movie.

You can create freehand drawings, write text, and annotate pictures and all your activity (including voice) will be recorded in one video.

Top 10 whiteboard apps like scrabble, Twiddla, Showme, Sketch swap, AWWapp, Groupboard, CoSketch, Dabble board, and

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