How to make Free Calls | Send Text Messages

How to get free best apps to Make Free Calls and Messages. Top 5 Best android apps allows you to making calls online for free. You can also send free text messages, Photos and videos for free to millions of users across the world.

make free calls

Facebook Messenger 

Facebook Messenger is a faster way to send messages, so you can quickly send messages to you Friends on their mobile phones. Home screen appears after you have signed into your Facebook Messenger. Home screen shows Recent messages with the names of conversation participants. Now you can create new messages and reply to existing ones. You can Change universal settings by tap the gear icon in the upper left corner and You can also Change individual conversation settings.


Skype is the best ways to contact with your friends family and colleagues everywhere in the world. With the use of Skype, you can send Instant Messaging, Skype-Skype voice and video calls for free.

Google Talk

Google offers instant-messaging service via Google Talk that you can use to send messages, voice mail, files, or email or make VoIP calls to people on your contact list.


How to Call Abroad For Free. Viber has become one of the most popular messaging applications worldwide, and it offers mobile VoIP and video calling chat recently, a desktop client.
Once you have downloaded Viber, Continue and Tap OK for access to the address book. After Choose your country code and type your phone number, You will receive an SMS with an access code. Enter that code in the Viber Setup and click on ‘Enter Viber to done.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is a real time messaging app which allows you to exchange messages to their contacts without paying anything for SMS. Now you can able to record and send voice messages through whatsapp. “Stay in touch with your friends”


A safe and secure platform Nimbuzz allows you to make free calls, messages and share files for the connected generation.
“Call, free messaging, photo music and video sharing to other nimbuzz users are free – Stay in touch for your friend and connect with new friends”

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