How to get an iTunes MiniPlayer on your best iPhone

How to get an iTunes MiniPlayer on your best iPhone  – Put an iTunes-like Mini Player on the iPhone/iPad

Would you like to keep iTunes opened on your screen while browsing other windows? This is a good way of keeping the basic features of the iTunes music player opened and on your screen while you do other things. It saves you flicking through windows after every song!

ITunes inspired MiniPlayer to the iPhone.

This new jailbreak tweak MiniPlayer has buttons for play/pause, next, previous, volume, search and more all this without adding any clutter to the entire screen.

You can drag and drop it anywhere on the screen also,

one tap on the album (or drag to the corner) will further minimize this player. Tap on it again and it would pop out.

You can access MiniPlayer features options in the Settings app. With an Activator action, you can disable the MiniPlayer while on the Lock screen and also you can hide the MiniPlayer.

No options to configure this tweak; it just works out of the box. The MiniPlayer is superb, and also makes the tweak feel high quality.

MiniPlayer Cydia tweak is available for $2.00. For those who have already bought PowerMusic MiniPlayer tweak, the MiniPlayer widget is available at a discount.


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