how to block calls on an iphone

how to block phone number in iPhone to stop nuisance/unwanted calls from unknown guys & telemarketers. make free calls online guys often make this for fun. This article will teach you how to block a number iPhone and What to do if the annoying telemarketer out of your contact list calls or message you

how to block unknown calls on iPhone

  • Tap your phone app icon and then tap recents at the bottom of phone menu
  • you will see the phone of the person who has just called you.
  • Tap the little info icon on the right of the phone number
  • Scroll down the call info menu and press block this caller press again block contacts to confirm the blocking that number.

how to block calls on iphone

how to block calls on iphone

If you want to unblock the number, go to Settings > Phone > Call Blocking & Identification and hit Edit. Tap the red circle next to the blocked number you want to unblock, you will see the unblock option appearing tap on it (red Unblock button).

Once You unblocked that contact will regain its rights to call and message to you.

Call blocker for iPhone

i Blacklist app help you to block calls on an iPhone.People who harass or experienced nuisance/unwanted calls from telemarketers and also unknown guys.

Open > i Blacklist app > Tap the blue button to enable this application > Select
Add the phone numbers you wish to block by Add new Blacklist & General BL
Tap the Add new blacklist to import contacts from your iPhone contact list.
Tap the General BL to add contacts via three list of options
1.Add from contacts
2.Add from Recent calls
3.Add from recent messages.

Ex: Go to your recent calls and Tap on the number and now must go down and they will call  for one of our cause and also messages for the black that now one a reply awesome issue for the black that now one a reply awesome issue by create custom text message
Tap action option to send any phone call to your voice mail a busy signal accepted and then hit save button.

iblacklist alternative

You can block unwanted calls by this alternative apps tools. Try, Call blocker,
MCleaner and Mobile Gate .

Tip: Tell the caller directly, to stop calling you.

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