Google talk and Facebook chat

Windows 8 – There are many important apps missing. The most popular instant messaging apps are Google Talks & Facebook Chat. Both apps are missing in Windows 8. Hence, free app brings in Google Talk and Facebook chat For Windows 8.

This app offer fast, light and also beautiful way of chatting with all your buddies across that instant messaging apps like Google Talk, Facebook and Windows Live (MSN). app has the beautiful and also simple interface to integration of multiple IMs. Open app and then select the account to connect to GTalk, Facebook or Windows Live.

With app, you can easily share a file from the chat window and access your Facebook, Google Talk and Windows Live (MSN) History at anytime/any device.

The support for attachments or rather file sharing is Yet another awesome feature.

Chat across Gtalk, Facebook and Windows Live (MSN)
Read and delivery receipts for all messages
Access your history at anytime
Sync across all your devices
Clean, Gorgeous UI and also Lightning fast chat

Note: Facebook Chat—a new way for you to communicate with your friends in real-time.

Goodbye to the Google Talk app for Windows. The Google Talk app for Windows was shut down on February 23, 2015.

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