Google Chrome Browser Tips

Chrome has a ton of hidden little tricks that you may not know about. (Google Chrome Browser Tips)

Tech inspiration shows the better tips about the Google Chrome Web browser. Google Chrome Browser Tips are as under:

Save web pages as PDFs by press Ctrl+P on Windows.

Google Chrome’s history does not have a “Select All” button. But, you can quickly select items in your Google Chrome history log. First you select the first check box, hold shift and select the last check-box. Everything in between will get selected.

Once your Passwords and forms is enabled on chrome settings for Google Chrome remember and auto-fill your passwords. Press Right click -> choose Inspect Element -> select the password field on the page -> change password into text.

When you go and type a few letters on Google Chrome’s address bar that suggest some matching URLs. You can easily remove by Clear browsing data in history or Drop-down and press Shift+Delete to remove embarrassing URLs permanently.

Go and found under Tools -> Task Manager -> select the websites and extensions that are consuming more memory and click End Process for fix slow chrome.

Google Chrome Browser Tips

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