How do i extended battery life of my android phone

Who one want to extended battery life. How do i extended battery life of my android phone. Android comes with built-in settings that can be toggled to preserve battery life, and which can be customized to particular scenarios.
See what’s sucking then turn off it to Extend Your Android Device’s Battery Life. The following steps show you how to extended battery life from stuck of battery life.

1. Step : long press HOME screen for go to choose Widgets on ‘power control’
it is helping you to turn setting “on OR off”

2. Step : Turn off your blue tooth and Wi-Fi. When your are turn off this you can save huge amount of battery power.

3. Step : Adjust or change your phone brightness and Turn off GPS because it uses a lot of power
For example: GPS icon is flashing while you are in goggle Map.

4. Step : Go to setting and switch on 3G network into 2G network.

5. Step : Go to setting for Turn off your phone vibration + g mail email vibration + key press vibration through language and keyboard setting.

6. Step : Go to setting then choose application + Manage applications. such application showing your current application running process.
just turn off unwanted app. Change your keeping moving around the back end in wall images also.
Because it is helping you to save battery power.

Step :7 Go to under Settings -> About Phone -> Battery -> Battery Use to watch your battery usage.

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