Disable Comments on Google Plus and Youtube

How to Disable Comments on Google Plus and YouTube

Google+ lets you disable comments and lock your posts, and you can do so even before sharing to the Google+ stream.

Tap on the Share what’s new… box and enter your post. Once clicked, a box (Share box) will appear below the post box then click on the down arrow tip Located on the right of the share box to access that option like Disable comments and Lock this post options. Click your selection. Finally, click Share button to publish.

Google Plus Browser Extensions

Circloscope (Inactives+) for Google Plus

Share for Google+

YouTube is an excellent platform for sharing your talents, exchanging ideas, and expressing your opinions.

how to turn off comments for videos published to your YouTube channel.

Go to YouTube to login your account then select the video manager that has opened Listing all your videos. A little box located on the left of the videos. Mark Anyone box or Selected all and then click on Action Menu.

An action menu should Appear, with Advance option. Select Advanced and choose Comments and then select The poll of Do not allow comments.

Finally submit to save changes to Disable comments and also follow that method to Lock Rating on your YouTube videos.


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