Cool tricks for android phones

Cool tricks for android phones

The smart android phones running Google’s android OS is that they allow a deeper level of customization. cool tricks for android phones to customize your phone setting easily.

When you first turn on your Android phone, you should sign in using your Google Account. This is the same account you use to log into Gmail. When you sync your phone with your Gmail account, your browsing history, calendar, email, etc. will be waiting for you.(cool tricks for android phones)

You should agree to back up your phone’s data to your Google Account. That way if you lost or have to reset your phone, you can quickly backup your settings.

Whenever you want download a new application from the Google Play store, you should check the box that says to you “Allow automatic updating.” That way your apps will update to the latest version without asking permission. It will save your lot of time.

Google Maps allow you store maps offline.When connected to Wi-Fi, Open Google Maps to select the area you want to store offline, tap the 3 dots in the bottom right of your screen, and tap “Make available offline.”

Add an account Settings application help you to sync your Android phone with popular online networks and services like Facebook. The more you add, the easier it is to share stuff like photos.

You can easily share photos from your phone on Facebook and other major services without launching the app. As you install more apps on your phone, you’ll notice more options in this window.

Widgets are real-time information provider on your home screen like news and weather. You can tap and drag them on your screen from your phone’s Widgets menu.

All smart android phones come with this handy widget.

that lets you control Brightness, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Other functions right from your home screen. Use it to customize your phone!

Under security setting, you should not allow installation of apps from unknown sources.Security setting is secure to avoid malware. because once you allowing unknown apps on your phone could make your device more prone to malware.

The Newest android phone come with a voice-controlled assistant called Google Now.

Android phone help you to manage multiple apps at once by tapping the multitasking  key on your phone. it will let you cycle between open apps.

You will got the notification center While, you make a swipe your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom and its tells you when you have a new Facebook post, a new message, twitter mention and so on.

Tap and Hold app for a second. Then drag it to the “Remove” button you want to delete it from your home screen.

To store, you can tapping and dragging apps on top of each other.

Android phone lets you to add shortcuts to your favorite contacts from the People app.

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