iPad tips and tricks for beginners

An Apple iPad device has changed the ways you interact with the computer. Cool iPad tips and tricks for beginners – Apple’s iPad comes with easy-to-use products. The home button is a hard button but, no other buttons are not hard to use on Apple iPad facing by you and special keys like Ctrl, Alt, Esc and Function keys are removed from the onscreen keyboard. Most of them may also work well as on other iOS devices like the iPhone and iPod touch running on the same mobile OS.

iPad tips and tircks

iPad Tips and tricks

Switch between Running Applications  – You can minimize you’re running an application by clicking the Home button then getting back to it by Double-click your iPad’s Home button.

Close a Running App – You can pause your downloading app by tapping on the app’s icon.

Delete App – You can also delete your unwanted application by touch and hold an icon on your screen then click X sign to remove the app.

Type faster with multiple spaces on Apple iPod because you can make two spaces by tapping the space bar with two fingers. You will be got two spaces by one-time touch on your iPad. You can make up to four spaces between your texts by this method. It works for five spaces too.


iPad back button

Swipe left or right to browse applications on other Home screen pages. To open an application, touch its icon on the Home screen. To come back to the first Home screen page, swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen or press the Home button.

Go to setting=> keyboard => Turn on Auto-correction, Auto-capitalization, Enable caps to lock and shortcut.
Touch and Hold the Comma key (,) for (‘) & Touch and Hold the Full-stop key (.) For (“)

Hold the shift and type your text in all caps. Double-tap the shift key then shift key obtain blue colour and type in all caps. Single-tap to unlock caps. You can get hidden character by tap and hold character key

Go to symbol and number keyboard by tap 123. Tap and hold Dollar symbol you will get other money symbols. To Type Special Characters on your web browser, Tap and Hold .com Key, that key show .edu .com .org .net

Go to setting then select General and choose Keyboard to Tap “Add New Shortcut”

Enter a phrase, ex: in my opinion, then Enter a shortcut like > IMO. Finally, Tap “Save”.

If you lost some text while typing on mail or notepad.  “Just bring it by hold your iPad with your both hand and give it a quick shake”.

You can make a split keyboard by pull the iPad keyboard apart with your fingers or Tap and Hold the keyboard key.

Double click – home button to see bottom of the screen. “Portrait Orientation lock icon in the status bar” Tab icon to Lock. Whenever you turned on the iPad you should enter the 4-digit passcode to access your iPad.

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