Best WhatsApp Alternative For Android

Best Whatsapp Alternative Apps – Which alternative app can do all these tasks with ease

Are you looking for some other messaging apps instead of Whatsapp? Take a short review of Best WhatsApp alternatives for Android.

Best Whatsapp alternatives – Wechat, Imo Messanger, Viber, Line, and KakaoTalk, you can contact more of your friends.

 Alternatives to WhatsApp


WeChat is the best way to connect with your buddies. Download Wechat for pc The most popular Wechat messenger allows you to send text messages, audio, video, and pictures also. Now you can Make free video calls and video chat without any cost.
Wechat Tips and Tricks: You can simply type in @ symbol and select the person’s name to mention someone in the group

Imo Messenger

Imo Messenger – Chat. Call. Discover. If you have friends that use multiple instant messaging services over the internet and you don’t want to have to switch between individual apps, Imo will help you to access them all. With Imo messenger, You can log into all of them with 1 master password and chat with others.
Imo Messenger Tips and Tricks: Underspy IMO hack feature allows you to monitor your kids and spy on their Imo account.

Best WhatsApp Alternative

WhatsApp Alternative


One of the most popular and most secure messaging applications worldwide.
It offers mobile VoIP and video calling chat recently, a desktop client.
Viber WhatsApp can’t read or listen to your private and group communications. because your communications are completely encrypted and also you can delete that communication messages at any time, be it a few seconds or even years later.
Viber Tips and Tricks: Tap on any photos that you received on the Viber app, just tap on the Navicon, and it should bring you the option to doodle on this photo.


With probably now over 30 million users heard the Messenger Line made by Naver in this overview. LINE app allows you to enjoy not only texts, images, video and audio, messaging but also free voice and video calls whenever and wherever you are, 24 hours a day!
Line Tips and Tricks: simply type in the related keyword in search bar to Find the specific messages


Finally, With the KakaoTalk app, you can able to start group chats. It allows you o send text messages, photos or audio notes, videos and also voice messages. It needs your mobile number to send you a four-digit verification code when you register for a new account.
KakaoTalk Tips and Tricks: Just turn off your phone’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile network connection then go and read Kakaotalk messages Secretly. because your activity does not pass o Kakaotalk server on this situation.

Hint: above all, best WhatsApp alternatives are used over the millions of people around the world

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