15 best iPad apps for newbies

15 best iPad apps for newbies: The smaller version of the Apple iPod has a sleek design, very handy: weight and size and cozy in carrying this piece of gadget anywhere.

Download these best iPad apps for newbies With beautiful features will be complete your mini iPad experience. best ipad apps for newbies are as follows:


1.Amazon Kindle: (best iPad apps for newbies)
The Amazon Kindle publishes a wide range of books from various categories. The app now optimized For iPad mini interface. You must have this app on your mini iPad to Read Books, eBooks, Magazines, Newspapers & Textbooks and you want even sync them to platforms.

2.Instapaper (best iPad apps for newbies)
The web pages are reading by internet users. when Web page readers find something good to read, but don’t have time to read them, the Instapaper app can save the web page for offline reading later on.

3.Book Creator (best iPad apps for newbies)
Book Creator, Who love to write a story or keep their own journal. Yes, This app makes writing an eBook possible using the iPad mini.


A much smarter interface twitter is one the leading social media. You can enjoy this app with your friends any time by sharing your tweets.

Facebook: Get conneted to your friends anytime with this app. The world’s biggest social network comes with chat features. Don’t forget to set up the notification -You can post status updates from the notification centre.

Skype comes with smart features like conference calling, phone /mobile calling, video Calling, Group video calling, Instant messaging, Sending files, Sending SMS messages, Voice messaging and screen sharing also. The Skype features allow you to talk to your online friends. If you want to place an international free video call-Skype is the best option.


Apple’s own iPhoto ($4.99), which has a unique editing feature that allows you to edit your pictures, browse and share them online. You can Use iCloud.5 to create a photo journal with the entire picture.


You want to miss TV show or watch movies with live streaming over the internet. Netflix can get you connected in real time with a subscription fee that allows you to access different television networks using a tablet.

9.Hulu Plus
If you don’t want to miss an episode of your favorite television show or watch movies with live streaming, Hulu Plus can get you connected in real time using your iPad mini. Still, Hulu Plus is an excellent streaming video application.

Which app is an used to watch videos while travelling: Download AVPlayerHD is the good option but the device only supports limited video platforms. Use WiFi to download movies from any kind of files and save them on your device.


11.Tune in radio pro
Two million news program across the globe and 70,000 radio stations are available on Tune in radio pro app. you can enjoy great music from that station and also enjoy its extra feature of recording shows from your favorite programs on your iPad mini.


One the most loved application to receive updated news on the categories within your most important and interesting content. A decent news curation application help you to read everything on News360.

Flipboard: The world’s first social magazine. Your Social Magazine. Available for iPad, iPhone & Android.


14.Google Drive
Google Drive allows you store and sync. It is the pretty one. You can access it everywhere. Google Drive announces the Save to Drive extension, plus enhancements to Images. It also lets to view more than 30 file types
Google Drive offer 5GB Free storage and monthly subscription Storage like 25GB ($2.49), 100GB ($4.99)
Largest file supported in the free version – 2GB. (300MB when uploaded through the website) It is support Operating systems like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Mobile web

Everyday hundred million files are uploaded to Dropbox. You can add favorite files you can access offline and use Dropbox as your default documents folder. Go sendtodropbox.com to create an account to email files to Dropbox as attachments. You can publish web pages from Dropbox by creating website via Drop Pages or Pancake. Io.
Dropbox offer 2GB Free storage and monthly subscription Storage like 25GB ($9.99), 50GB ($19.99).
Largest file supported in the free version – 250MB (5GB), 1GB (25GB, 50GB), Business: 2GB, Enterprise: 5GB It is support Operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Ios, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry OS and MeeGo Harmattan.

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