How to get rid of Windows 7 Not Genuine Error

How to get rid of Windows 7 Not Genuine Error

Windows 7 – How to get rid of Windows 7 Not Genuine Error. If you tried to use some pirated Software from Fake Torrents or worst websites or the trial period of Windows has expired; you will get windows not genuine problem. The windows users get an error message of Windows 7 Build 7600 this copy of windows is not genuine. But, Now we have a solution of how to remove genuine windows 7 error. Yes – We can easily fix Build 7600 windows 7 issue and will make your Windows 7 genuine. Easy cmd steps to make Windows 7 genuine.


Here are a few guidelines are as follows: Windows 7 not Genuine into Windows 7 ultimate genuine 

First, Click on Start Menu

Type cmd and right click on cmd to choose Run as administrator.

(Remember that you have select CMD option by running it as administrator)

Just Type the Command SLMGR -REARM in cmd

Press Enter and Wait For Few Seconds to open Specifying Command Dialog Box.

(Command completed successfully. Please restart the system for the changes to take effect)

Enter OK and restart your computer that’s it!

Finally enjoy and use Windows 7 Genuine OS.


After window restart. When you start window it shows a notification to activate your window Just click on “cancel” option and let’s start the system.

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  2. wow it’s working for me. Great thank you very much

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  4. thanks a lot i paid last time for this very easy job

  5. wow it is working but when i goto the properties menu of computer, it shows that 3days until automatic activation. activate windows now…………

  6. vijay kumar prasad says:

    Realy you are great my laptop genune is working

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    Its really working

  8. Ravi Kumar Singh says:

    Thanks It Works.
    but i want to know, is it a permanent solution.

  9. Hi
    THanks. It removes error. However when I will start my computer, it says your version is not genuine. Can you please help me to remove this error ?


  10. wow it works like a wonder……….thanks

  11. If you want to make your windows copy genuine than Guys check below video. it is very informative. Hope this video will help you 🙂

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