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How do i Stop Getting Candy Crush request notifications

How do i Stop Getting Candy Crush request notifications on Facebook

Candy crush is no doubt is one of the most popular game today. But its sending request to Facebook friends feature has disturbed many. Getting myself disturbed about it and seeing others getting disturbed too, I decided to write this post.

First Day:-

Dad: Sitting at a computer for long periods of time.

Son: What you do Dad?

Dad: Nothing, I do my office Work

Son: Oh!

Dad: Did you Finish Your Home Work

Son: Yes, I will do my homework today at 5.30 pm

Second Day:-

Dad: Open the Face book for invite friends to event but his Notification status filled up with Candy Crush Requests by his son like – Son Invite you to play Candy Crush Saga Yesterday at 5.30 pm

Son: Hi Dad

Dad: Dear Son Come here

Son: Dad, What?

Dad: What did you do yesterday at 5.30 pm?

Son: Homework dad

Dad: No, Don’t fool me, you played candy crush & Sent Request me too haa!!!

Son: Sorry dad

Dad: How dare you! Slap

Son: …………..

Dad: Don’t tell me lies, Go

Son: …………..

Dad: how to turn off Candy Crush request notifications

Son: Just Visit

 To turn off Candy Crush request notifications is quietly easy. Follow the steps below:

  • Hover your mouse over the notification to find a ‘x’ mark at the bottom right then click on ‘x’
  • You’ll then be asked for confirmation  select ‘Turn Off Box’.
  • That’s it! You won’t receive any Candy Crush Request from now.


  • Visit FB Setting & Find Blocking Option over the left side and pick it then Choose Blocking app
  • Type Which app you want Block That’s it


You will not get notifications from Candy Crush Saga .Undo• Report app for spam

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